My outfit for yesterdays rubberparty at the Rage Club near Zürich … was a hot and very wet night!
09.28.14 /17:57/ 43

My well-opened fuckcunt taking raw arab dick in Berlin

At the Folsom Europe Streetfair 2014 in Berlin. Great time and was so much fun to see many friends and familiar faces.
09.14.14 /07:41/ 47

Currently at Folsom in Berlin. Spent most of the night on my knees between the urinals at the Mutschmann’s Club drinking piss and being pissed on by dozens of hot rubber- and leatherguys. I’m one stinking toiletpig right now and I love it. Thanks to all those superior men for using this fags mouth as their urinal!

Ass now also available and very much fuckable in Leather-Chaps
09.11.14 /02:38/ 29
Sucking dick after a great rimming-session
08.29.14 /19:02/ 100

Another rimseat-rimming-session with one of my regular feeders - and as you can hear, he clearly enjoys my toiletmouth on his delicious shithole!

Sucking huge dick through the rimseat - right after I was used as a human urinal and had to drink my feeders complete pissload.

Yes best contributor for my GCF tumblr ! Keep posting pics fully clothed with dripping cum on your face shades, cap, polo shirts...

Love your tumblr and I’m happy to hear my clothed facials-pics were of good use to you. Be sure I will keep them coming as I’m always on the hunt in the woods, hoping to get my face splattered with gallons of fresh manjuice!

Grunting nosehook-pig eating its own snot *oink oink*

Was recently ordered to expose myself once again as a nosehook-pig - which, of course, I was happy to oblige. *oink oink*
08.26.14 /18:57/ 79
Reblog of older pic of myself
08.23.14 /18:30/ 144
tgray007 asked:
Fuck dude!!! Love your stuff!! Would love to feed and breed you.

Thanks man, great to hear you enjoy my posts - and yes, please feed and breed me … any time! I wish I could offer my fuckhole to all my tumblr-fans. Congrats for a cool tumblr yourself by the way!

My jockstrapped ass getting barefucked

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